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Page Layout (Job Code 51)

Job Code 51Page Layout for a Journal
Date of advertisements: Hamshahri newspaper, Dey 1391 (Dec 2012)
Age Maximum 34 years old
Gender Male / Female
Main Requirements

1) Advanced level or Professional Knowledge in Page Layout with Adobe Indesign
2) Advanced level or Professional Knowledge in graphic design with high creativity and experienced in PhotoShop
3) Advanced level or Professional Knowledge in Web design with DreamWeaver

General Requirements
A motivated person with Positive Social and behavioral background, ability for team work
عدم سو پیشینه کیفری
ضمانت حسن انجام کار
Main Tasks 1) Full Time position in a Medical journal for Page Layout and Design
2) Book Layout
3) Design brochures, posters
Living Area Tehran
Major Field

Bsc or MSc of related sciences

Job Experience Min. 3 years in the related job
English Knowledge Intermediate
Job Type Full Time Position (8:00 am to 5:00 pm except Thursdays 8:00 am to 12:00)
Work Place Kowsar Corporation, Regional Office at: Mollasadra Ave., Tehran, Iran
Insurance After 2-3 months (due to bilateral unstable conditions)
Salary Based on governmental description based on your background and work experiences (from 600,000 tomans) (After Interview)
Test Period The First 1-2 month will be as Test Period with minimum salary and no insurance
Deadline of Application Until Feb 2013

How to Apply?

STEP 1: Before online application, prepare these requierd document:
1. Your request letter
2. Your photo (image file)
3. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume
4. Two Recommendation letters from 2 academic people
5. Sample of your online works/projects

STEP 2: Apply online via this form

note: please do not call us. Instead you should send all information by email.
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